“Still Waiting In The Wings”

A Sequel

Amos Lassen

“Still Waiting In The Wings” is the sequel to “Waiting in the Wings” and follows the trials and triumphs of actors who wait tables in Times Square. They dream of being on Broadway but face the reality of serving food.

Director Q. Allan Brocka has taken over the helm and together with  co-writer  Arie Gonzalez lose the original focus that made the earlier film so much fun.  The plot is an extension of the original film with fresh naive Montana boy Anthony (Jeffrey A. Johns) still wanting to be a big star in Broadway, or anywhere else but who is currently working as a singing waiter in a cafe in Times Square.  Now he has the support of his extremely handsome boyfriend Tim (Adam Huss), a stripper.

Anthony’s rather cozy life changes when pushy Bradley (Joe Abraham) is hired to become the newest addition to the singing waiter line up and is determined to steal all of Anthony’s job prospects as well as his boyfriend.

There are great cameos from Chita Rivera, Ed Asner, Carole Cook, Sally Struthers, and Lee Meriwether but they cannot save this drama The musical numbers are good and the actors seem to enjoy what they are doing but it just does not work.

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