“SOMETHING LIKE THAT”— A Relationship Beyond Definition

“Something Like That” (“Alguma Coisa Assim”)

A Relationship Beyond Definition

Amos Lassen

Caio (Andre Antunes) and Mari (Caroline Abras) share a very close relationship. Over a ten-year period, there are three striking moments that we share with them. These incidents also out that relationship to tests. What we really see here are reflections on sexuality, labels and how time shapes and transforms encounters.

When the film opens in Sao Paolo, we meet the two and see them as happy ad free from care. But then one night when they are out clubbing, Caio kisses a boy for the very first time and his connection with Mari is never ever quite the same again.   

In the second part of the film in Caio some years later and he and his boyfriend are about to be married. Mari doesn’t like this and she is upset that her friend is so happy.

In the third part of their story, Mari is now living in Berlin and working as a house and home decorator and she has decided that Berlin is to be her home. Caio, now estranged from his husband, goes to Berlin to do some post-graduate work at a Berlin Hospital and the two soon settle back into their old routine of hanging out together.  One day that takes a totally different dimension when they get ‘high’ together and end up making love.  Perhaps this is what Mari has been hoping for all these years but when she became pregnant, she realized that she had not wanted this to happen.

“Something Like That” is the film that was originally to be a short film by directors Esmir Filho and Mariana Bastos who also co-wrote the screenplay. After winning awards as a short film, they decided to Open it up into a feature length film. We see how time shapes these two friends and their understandings about sexuality and life in general, and the lengths that they ultimately go to test their friendship. Both of them do not really know what they are searching for and whether life will ever turn out according to their dreams. 


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