“BLITZ”– Tough Cop


Tough Cop

Amos Lassen

“Blitz” is based on a simple idea—a tough cop is sent to dispose of a serial killer who has been killing other policemen. Jason Statham is a British Dirty Harry type which tends to make him a bit of a cliché but good camera work allows us to overlook that. Statham plays Statham in this British police drama and he is good at what he does, he just always does the same thing. He is an alcoholic bastard cop who stops at nothing.

Statham is Detective Sergeant Tom Brant and he rules the streets with his physical force instead of his mind. When the Blitz (Aiden Gillen) begins roaming the streets of London, things get hot. Brant his partner Porter Nash (Paddy Considine) try to catch him before he kills even more policemen.

The problem is that the script is funny without meaning to be. Brant is seen as a sexist homophobe who spends most of his time in pubs drinking and is not concerned with really finding witnesses but he does have some very good lines. None of the characters are deep but if you wait until about half an hour into the film it begins to pick up so I cannot totally discount it. However, this is not my kind of movie and really never has been. It is interesting that Statham takes on a Stallone type character and brings the police chase back to the silver screen. I suppose that is worth something.

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