“Echoes” by David Lennon– Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Mystery

Lennon, David. “Echoes”, CreateSpace, 2010.

Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Mystery

Amos Lassen

Sassy Jones, a rookie police officer has been given the job of creating a profile of abduction when three girls go missing and she sees this case as a chance to become professionally established. She jumps into the case and becomes totally involved to the point that her personal life is hurt. We them move forward twenty-five years and Sassy’s husband committed suicide and left behind photographs which link him to the abductions. Sassy has since moved up in the ranks and is now a homicide detective but is on suspension because of something that happened on that first case. Sassy’s partner who has been on a leave of absence has now come back for the purpose of investigating  the connection between Sassy’s husband, Carl, are the kidnapping and/or murders of some thirty three girls. The novel is set in New Orleans and the chief investigator from the coroner’s office’s daughter was the final victim and he begins his own investigation. This all happened twenty-five years earlier and now everyone wants to know what Sassy knew.

Being from New Orleans I can say right off that the atmosphere of the town is perfectly captured here. Mixing dark and light, Lennon gives us New Orleans in all of its decadence and crime, a place where the cops enjoy having fun. The book is a perfect look into the closets of the police department and I do not think that anyone was ready for Sassy to be involved in a crime. But in New Orleans there seem to be skeletons in every family and Lennon manages to bring them out. There is a lot to think about here—aside from the crime we have gay New Orleans. This is part of the three book series and I definitely intend to read the other two.


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