“SODOM’S CAT”— Make Love First


Make Love First

Amos Lassen

“Sodom’s Cat” runs just over 30 minutes. It was shot back in 2016 and has been touring film festivals for more than one year, earning praise from both audience and critics.

The film follows the lives of five young men from Taipei who meet for a group-sex party after contacting each other through a dating app. The film is about so much more than just explicit gay sex, it looks at the psychological and emotional consequences of contemporary hookup culture.

“Sodom’s Cat” was an immediate critical smash at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival and it was shortlisted for the prestigious Iris Prize Award. The film was directed by Huang Ting-Chun who says he was heavily influenced by the French gay film “Paris 05:59”His goal for “Sodom Cat” is to examine casual gay sex and relationships that are still considered taboo in Taiwanese culture.

“This is a film that is about love through sex,” Ting-Chun says. “Though it is X-rated, it is the emotions behind our current sex culture that I want to explore.”

Dating apps and online dating have been a feature of many LGBT stories of late. These apps and online forums have revolutionized the way LGBT people meet for dating, romance or just “no strings” fun.

This film asks what it must be like to be a part of this world, and yet feel strangely distant from it. Sun is a young man who attends a sex party that was with four other men organized via a dating app. While the others seem to be enjoying themselves, Sun is unaroused despite the others’ best efforts turn him on.

Challenging contemporary ideas of what it means to be gay and sexually active and depicting gay sex with great frankness and honesty, “Sodom’s Cat” is a controversial film.

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