“Humpty Trumpty Hit a Brick Wall: Donald J. Trump’s First White House Year in Verse” by David Finkle— Opinion-Driven Satire

Finkle, David. “Humpty Trumpty Hit a Brick Wall: Donald J. Trump’s First White House Year in Verse”, illustrated by Roberta Granzen, Plum Bay Publishing, 2018.

Opinion-Driven Satire 

Amos Lassen

I knew that is was only a matter of time before we started to get satires about the man who now sits in the White House but I must say that it surprised me that it took so long. Perhaps it is better that we had to wait because the new satires are so very good. When we learned that Trump would be our incoming president, so many of us felt hurt and disillusionment that such a clown would rise to the most powerful position in the world and I really thought that he would hurt himself so badly that he would be gone before we knew it. Unfortunately that did not happen and as David Finkle sees it the man is “flabbergastingly unfit for office”. Finkle nicknames him “Humpty Trumpty” and has written an entire book of short poems, one for every day of Trump’s first year as American President (it so hurts to type that).

The poems are opinion-driven quatrains on that Finkle first posted on Facebook and they are filled with humor and wit and they are all collected in “HUMPTY TRUMPTY HIT A BRICK WALL: Donald J. Trump’s First White House Year in Verse” and are very cleverly illustrated by Roberta Granzen.

Since Trump assumed the presidency, so many of us are on edge and tense and almost constantly wondering what he will do next. Sure we can laugh at him but unfortunately that means laughing at what he has done and that can affect us adversely. It is much better to be able to laugh these poems that do not affect us and/or the rest of the world. Instead, they bring in a little sunshine on a very cloudy world. David Finkle’s poems are engaging and he leaves no stone untouched as he parodies (and tells the truth about) today’s presidential administration— heads-of-state, chiefs-of-staff, senators, congress, the FBI and others are included in both the writing and the illustrations.

Twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter—

Donald Trump’s a heavy hitter.

When he’s feeling crossed and bitter,

He dispenses all that litter.

Twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter

Goes that clearly nutty critter,

Causing all of us to titter,

“He just needs a baby-sitter.”

Add this to the Trump con list:

Making cash hand over fist,

Like that big DC hotel.

Tax returns? So far, no tell.

You will recognize “Humpty Trumpty”, Little Miss Muffet and a troll as well as so many others. Here is delightful satire that you do not want to miss.

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