“BEGINNERS”– Finally Coming Out–The Film of the Summer


Finally Coming Out

Amos Lassen


As gay people we do not always like to talk about aging but it is a fact of life and now the movies have Christopher Plummer playing a 75 year old man, Hal, who comes out after his wife’s death. In doing so he begins living for the first time and it is a revelation for him to finally be who he is. The movie is not only about him, however—it is also about his son, Oliver, played by Ewan McGregor who has become who he is because of the influences of both his mother and father.


Actually the story is about Oliver and how he deals with his father being gay and is battling cancer at the same time. The film is perfectly cast and directed by Mike Mills. We see the world through Oliver’s eyes for when his father dies, he has to contemplate life. His relationship to his dad and all of the choices he has ever made. Hal waited until his wife was dead until he came out to his son and when he does it is touching and sensitive. Oliver is actually happy for his father and that he is looking for love but he also remembers how lonely his mother had been.


Oliver falls in love with a French actress and she cannot seem to handle relationships and Oliver realizes that he must work at this and so he begins to think less about his parents and more about himself. The plot of the film actually begins after Oliver loses Hal to cancer and has a lot to say about aging, life and death.

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