“WE ARE THR3E”— An Alternative Relationship


“We Are Thr3e”

An Alternative Relationship

Amos Lassen

Argentinean filmmaker Marcelo Briem Stamm gives us a fresh take on both bisexuality and alternative relationships that society tends to frown on and refuses to recognize. He shows early that it is not purely sexual attraction that brings people together and we really see this in one of the characters who is determined to start fresh with two people new to each other, rather than becoming a third wheel in a relationship that is in need of a change or something. 

Nacho (Charly Etchevers) works at a bank by day and is a regular ordinary guy who has recently split up with his girlfriend.  They remain on good terms however and she invites him to her birthday party where he meets Ana (Flor Dragonetti) who is almost the opposite of him. She is a self-confident divorcee who has just started her own web-design business.  As they speak to each other, we see that there is an obvious mutual attraction.

Sebastian (Juan Manuel Martino), the barman mixes cocktails for them and outrageously flirts with both of them. Then he leaves the bar to spend the rest of the evening with them.  They all end up back in Ana’s apartment and so drunk that they fall asleep fully clothed and on the bed. The next morning Sebastian invites both of them to spend the next weekend with him at the house in the countryside outside of Buenos Aires where he lives.  Both Ana and Nachos are highly intrigued and agree.

When they are all there, Sebastian tells them that he believes in ‘love at first sight’ and fell in love them the moment he spotted them at the bar and he would like is to start a relationship together with them. He is very open with how he feels about all the possibilities of such an arrangement.  Ana is mesmerized but Nachos objects and he does so citing a mixture of his own feelings and society’s general condemnation of any relationship that is outside the norm.

Sebastian is charming and convincingly so and it did not take long before n the three of them are in bed together making very steamy passionate love. After the weekend Ana and Nachos are still unsure about Sebastian’s proposal and begin a relationship together but this only lasts a few weeks. Then when Sebastian re-appears after having been away visiting his sick mother, all three know how they should now proceed.

There is wonderful natural chemistry between the three talented actors and director Stamm avoided the usual melodrama that writers seem to do with a menage a trois.

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