“Gay Revolt at Denver City Council”

Speaking for Rights

Amos Lassen

Gerald Gerash has been a mover and shaker in the area of gay rights and in his documentary here; he narrates what led up to a confrontation in Denver on October 23, 1973 at the City Council Meeting. It was there that rights were discussed and as early as just a few years after Stonewall. What happened at that meeting changed the way Denver treated its GLBT community. This is Gerash’s personal film and he shows us through accounts, photos and testimonies what happened that evening when the city council regarded gay activism as a joke. It as if we are there and we hear about some dealings that are very shady—roundups, arrests, entrapment and we find our mouths hitting the floor and the story continues.

What we see and hear is reminiscent of the way Blacks were once treated in this country and it made me sick to watch this even when I understand how important it is for us to know how things were and how they have changed. The film is a testament to the gay people who forged the path so that we can finally achieve the rights we are entitled to. The film is a very strong look at how our rights came to be and is a very important part of who we are.