“WE HAVE TO STOP NOW”– Writing a Marriage Manual

“We Have to Stop Now”

Writing a Marriage Manual

Amos Lassen


Marriage is not something to be tried on like a pair of shoes—it is serious business. Kit (Jill Bennett) and Dyna (Cathy DeBuono) are successful therapists and partners and they decide to co-write a marriage manual that quickly becomes a best seller but the strain from working so closely together affects their relationship. So others will not know that there is “trouble in paradise”, they decide to go to counseling and their therapist is played by none other than Susan Westenhoefer. And if that is not enough, the popularity of the book causes a documentary to be made about the writers. The film drew tags them day and night and they cannot let down their guards which just makes things that much more tense. You can only imagine what can happen in this subscription only web series. It is a lot of fun and hopefully more people will subscribe and get a chance to see it.