moore, madison.“Fabulous: The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric”— Being Fabulous

moore, madison. “Fabulous: The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric”, Yale University Press, 2018.

Being Fabulous

Amos Lassen

madison moore explores what it means to be fabulous and why eccentricity in style, fashion, and creativity are more political than ever before. How many of us know what it means to be fabulous? I am sure that there are many different definitions of fabulosity and certainly labels, narcissism, and selfies, looking good and feeling gorgeous are a pert of it. Can being fabulous be political statement and is there risk involved? Is fabulousness political? What are the risks of fabulousness? We have seen that fabulous style can be a defiant response to the struggles of living while marginalized. We learn all about this and so much more in “Fabulous: The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric”, madison moore explores how queer, brown, and other marginalized outsiders use ideas, style, and creativity in everyday life. Through moore we meet fabulous and creative powerhouses, including DJ Vjuan Allure, voguing superstar Lasseindra Ninja, fashion designer Patricia Field, performance artist Alok Vaid‑Menon, and a wide range of other aesthetic rebels from the worlds of art, fashion, and nightlife. moore brings together autobiography, cultural analysis, and ethnography, and positions fabulousness as a form of cultural criticism that allows those who perform it to thrive in a world where they are not supposed to exist.

While fabulousness is only one aspect of LGBTQ culture and transgressive art and fashion, it is an important aspect. moore shows us how ‘beautiful eccentrics’ creatively self-fashion themselves to articulate identity, assert presence, and reclaim power on the streets and in the nightclub.” We are taken into the clubs and we learn about everything that has to do with this and it is quite a wonderful read. The book is really celebrating the joys of eccentricity in a world that is blah. We are given the theory that being fabulous is also political that is deviant and defiant. The clubs offer all kinds of possibilities and even call for a new consciousness that can tear down old and stale categories, fight and combat conservatism and face privilege.



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