“A PLACE TO BE” (“EN ALGUN LUGAR”)— Love and Immigration


“A PLACE TO BE” (“En Algun Lugar”)

Love and Immigration

Amos Lassen

Writer-director Tadeo Garcia brings us a powerful love story set against the controversial U.S. immigration system. Both Abel (Nelson A. Rodriguez), who works in Chicago in social services, and Diego (Andrew L. Saenz), an auto mechanic, have waited a long time for the love they have both wanted. After several meetings by chance, the two finally hook up and quickly fall deeply in love with each other.

However, Diego has a secret: he’s an undocumented immigrant and has tried several times to get American citizenship but has not succeeded. When he learns that his mother is dying, Diego must decide whether or not to take the risk of a trip back to Mexico, knowing that he will possibly not be able to return to America and Abel. He also worries how Abel will react when he learns that he is undocumented.

Abel and Diego discover the power of love during uncertain times. Director Tadeo Garcia chose a loose translation “A Place to Be” for his film since it reflects Diego’s journey to become an American citizen and the director’s his own journey. The film became very timely very quickly.

The film is a look at what being undocumented is like—the pressures and situations undocumented people face. People are in those situations every day, and some people get the wrong idea about the undocumented and have these stereotypes. This is a real community, with people of different backgrounds, different levels of education and it’s a very diverse community.

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