“Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality” by Sarah McBride— Identity and Equality

McBride, Sarah. “Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality”, Crown Archetype, 2018.

Identity and Equality

Amos Lassen

Sarah McBride is the first transgender person to speak at a national political convention and she did so in 2016 at the age of twenty-six. She had struggled with the decision to come out and not just to her family but also to the students of American University, where she was serving as student body president. She had known she was a girl from her earliest memories, but it wasn’t until her Facebook post announcing the truth went viral that she then understood realized just how much impact her story could have on the United States.

Now, four years later, McBride is one of the nation’s most prominent transgender activists. She advocates inclusive legislation, and addressed the country in the midst of a heated presidential election. She has also found her first love and future husband, Andy, a trans man and fellow activist, who complemented her in every way but that’s another story. . . . or is it?

I was filled with emotion as I read and I realized that McBride is the kind of hero that the trans community needs. Her story is one of love and loss and what it means to be transgender.

“Tomorrow Will Be Different” is McBride’s story of love and loss and a powerful entry point into the LGBTQ community’s battle for equal rights.  Important political and cultural milestones are also part of McBride’s personal journey into a personal journey and she reminds us that: “We must never be a country that says there’s only one way to love, only one way to look, and only one way to live.” We must agree that even with all of the freedoms that the LGBT community has achieved that the fight for equality and freedom has only just begun (especially when we see who is running this country today).

The story is touching yet it also makes us think and there were times that my eyes filled with tears. Only those who have been born into the wrong body can possibly understand what a trans person has to deal with and this book really knocked it out. In the lest few years, McBride has experienced enough for several lifetimes and she shares both the highs and the lows with us. This book is more than a memoir, it is also a thoughtful analysis of contemporary political issues including bathroom access and trans health care.” It is a brave and moving story that will inspire and galvanize readers to fight for LGBTQ rights. McBride defines what is at stake, and how we can do better.

McBride deftly balances her life story with revolutionary fervor. With a leader like her, we can believe that it indeed tomorrow will be different for not just the LGBT community but for everyone.

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