“CRUISING IN THE PARK”— Bold and Explicit and NSFW

“Cruising In The Park”

Bold and Explicit and NSFW

Amos Lassen

Antonio Da Silva’s “Cruising in the Park” hit close to home. When I lived in Israel, the park was the meeting place for gay men and very often it was where sex was consummated. In both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem the parks are centrally located and it was no secret as to what went on there. The parks in other cities were notorious as well and I actually remember only one time that the police came to do anything and they were met with angry men who stood their own.

Da Silva gives us quite a look at a park where a “straight” married man habitually cruises during his lunch break. It’s convenient since the park is next to where he works. cruising in the park next to his workplace. He is both a hunter and hunted and he enjoys other married men.

“They enjoy looking at each other’s hard erections, mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex. They share short meetings in the woods and then its back to work. I understand that the film’s narration comes from the feedback that Da Silva has received about his other films which you can check out at


In this film, Da Silva teamed up with Fabio Lopes.

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