“Children of the Healer” by Barbara Ann Wright— The Return to Gale

Wright, Barbara Ann. “Children of the Healer”, Bold Strokes Books, 2018.

The Return to Gale

Amos Lassen

 I am not much of a fantasy or science fiction reader; it has never been my choice. Nonetheless I do occasionally get a book to review that makes me think that by eschewing the genre, I might be missing something. “Children of the Healer” is the third volume in Barbara Ann Wrights’ Godfall series and even though I have not read the other two, I am able to enjoy this novel. At first, it is easy to feel lost but soon, once into the story, everything falls in place.

With the Storm Lord now dead, Cordelia Ross and Simon Lazlo return to Gale and to normalcy, but when they find the populace poisoned by the drushka, they understand that the aliens must be dealt with before life can be anything near normal. In the north, Patricia Dué takes control of Gale’s mine with Jonah, the servant she created in Dillon Tracey’s old body. She believes that by controlling the humans’ only source of metal, she will become powerful. She does not realize that her past will not be remembered.

As bad as things are with all of the chaos and conflict, a prophet says that the worst is yet to come. The only way to stop it may be a murderous widow looking for revenge. As factions splinter and reconnect, things remain uncertain, and even the prophets can’t see what is yet to come. If I were to continue and share more of the plot here, I would have to give spoilers and thereby ruin the read. Let it suffice to say that I was held spellbound several times by the beautiful prose of the story and that the characters, as unreal as they are, actually become quite real.