“Into the Light: Photographs of the NYC Gay Pride Day from the 70s till Today” by Stanley Stellar (photographer)— Pride and History Through Pictures

Stellar, Stanley (Photographer). “Into the Light: Photographs of the NYC Gay Pride Day from the 70s till Today”, Bruno Gmunder, 2018.

Pride  and History Through Pictures

Amos Lassen

“Into the Light” is photographer Stanley Stellar’s “magnus opum: a history of the New York Pride Parade from the 1970s until today.” Born in Brooklyn, Stellar is a member of the same generation as the same generation as Robert Mapplethorpe. He chose to chronicle New York City and like NYC, the camera never sleeps or even rests.

Stellar is a living witness to the urban drama which spanned the years from 1969 to the present. His photos and his imagery “reconfirm the centrality, in spite of everything, of eternal male beauty.”

His book is a cultural history; the photographs here not only reflect the individual people taking part in these parades but also give us an idea of the social impact of the gay movement which has been retained through today.

Each photo was carefully selected and is accompanied with Stellar’s own words. Each photograph is also an artifact of a special place during a special time: “the hedonistic 70s, the devastating 80s after the rise of HIV/AIDS, the plastic 90s, and the new millennium until today.”

In this way “Into the Light“ is a unique contribution to gay history.

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