“WHEN THE STARLIGHT ENDS”— A Love Story and a Dark Comedy

“When the Starlight Ends”

A Love Story and a Dark Comedy

Amos Lassen

“When the Starlight Ends” is a surreal dark comedy written and directed by Adam Sigal. It follows a struggling writer, Jacob, who is despondent (Sam Heughan) and deeply depressed after losing the love of his life. He has to face the decisions that he made that compelled her to leave. We see this through a series of metaphorical vignettes that give insight into their failed relationship. Now Jacob has decided to rewrite his own life the way he wishes it would have gone. There is not much more I can say about the film without giving spoiler. This is a sweet and sincere move but it is no great shakes— it is a simply a sweet diversion and there is nothing wrong with that. Every film cannot win awards.

This is the story of love, struggles and relationships and the search for a perfect ending. We meet Sam when Cassandra (Arabella Oz) left him six weeks prior. Cassandra was his muse and his reason for love. Now she haunts him through his keyboard as he writes and rewrites his story while always looking for a fairytale ending. With each draft he writes, he is forced to relive the time they spent together (some real, some imagined). He agonizes over the decisions he made……………

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