“Rosenberg English Holocaust Haggadah For Passover: Holocaust Poems and Essays to Supplement the Seder” by Rabbi Dr. Bernard Rosenberg— Never Forget

Rosenberg, Rabbi Dr. Bernhard . “Rosenberg English Holocaust Haggadah For Passover: Holocaust Poems and Essays to Supplement the Seder”, CreateSpace, 2017.

Never Forget

Amos Lassen

“Rosenberg English Holocaust Haggadah for Passover” is a wonderful publication that gives us an easy to follow format completely in English for the Passover Seder night. It is a tribute to Holocaust survivors and is a unique compilation of stories, essays, articles and poems from those survivors and their children and grandchildren. The haggadah includes a variety of suggested questions and discussions to share with family at the Seder table. The book was created by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, editor of “The Echoes of The Holocaust”.

People from all over the world have provided poems, articles and essays for the purpose of preserving the Holocaust for future generations and explaining what it means to be a Jew, to study Torah, to preserve the holidays and to retell the story of the Exodus yearly at Passover as a way of keeping alive the memory of those murdered in the Holocaust and of those who survived with their lives and whose family history forever changed. The Jewish people have continued to survive despite hatred and destruction through the ages.

Rabbi Dr. Ben Rosenberg has made an important contribution to memorialize the six million martyrs in his Holocaust Haggadah. Passover has now become the Diaspora’s most important Jewish family gathering and Rabbi Rosenberg has brought the commemoration of the loss of European Jewry to that celebration. His great feat may, indeed, revitalize and prolong the memories of both events.

It is impressive how carefully Rabbi Rosenberg preserves the integrity of the traditional Haggadah and still manages to skillfully weave in personal experiences and noteworthy tragic events of the Holocaust. The Rosenberg Haggadah should be read at each Passover Seder in every Jewish home.

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