“LOVE, SCOTT”— The Year After

“Love, Scott”

The Year After

Amos Lassen

Laura Marie Wayne’s documentary “Love, Scott” is a sensitive and richly moving portrait of a young man left paralyzed after a homophobic attack. One horrific  night, after leaving a bar in his hometown of Nova Scotia, musician Scott Jones was viciously targeted for an attack that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Although it appeared to be a homophobic hate crime, the assault was not treated as such in the courts or by the media.

As Scott rebuilds his life, he is forced to make some kind of sense of the way the incident was reported, while at the same time struggling to make peace with his attacker. The documentary covers the year following this life-changing ordeal and looks at the impact of the attack on Scott’s life, both physically and mentally. The documentary is a tender, heartbreaking and inspiring testament to Scott and his strength and resilience.

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