“Somewhere Over Lorain Road” by Bud Gundy— Looking for Answers

Gundy, Bud. “Somewhere Over Lorain Road”, Bold Strokes Books, 2018.

Looking for Answers

Amos Lassen

It does not happen often but every once in a while a book comes along that grabs me in the first paragraph and does not let go even when I have finished reading it. Bud Gundy’s “Somewhere Over Lorain Road” is such a book. I was totally mesmerized by everything about the book.

For more than forty years, the three Esker sons have been haunted by allegations that their father was suspected of murdering three little boys were murdered in 1975. It was not easy to live wit this and the family was torn apart to the point that the Esker sons faced difficult destinies and Don Esker was so ashamed that he stopped speaking. However, years later Don comes home to take of his father who is in his last few months of life. He sees that his father searches for peace which can only be attained by having his name cleared of the murders and Don knows that if he can find who really was the murderer he will not only clear his father’s name but he will be able to heal the family and himself.

Years later, Don returns to the family home in North Homestead, Ohio, to help care for his dying father in his final months. His dad longs for the peace that will only come with clearing his name. If Don can find the killer, he can heal his family—and himself.

Bruce joins Don in the hunt for the truth and the two men become involved romantically. Bruce knows that he will have to force Don to face the truth once it is found. Gundy takes on a journey of suspense that includes neighbors, the law and sibling rivalry and we soon realize that we have become part of what we are reading.

Hidden secrets and a lot of pain are uncovered during Don’s search to clear his dying father’s name. This is a look at family, love and what keeps us together or pushes us apart that kept me reading until I closed the covers.

Not only is this a well-constructed mystery but we also learn a great deal about growing up gay in closeted Midwestern America. As the family struggles with forgiveness and acceptance so does the reader. The characters are wonderfully and fully created and the plot is totally compelling.

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