“A LETTER TO HARVEY MILK”— Leslea Newman’s Novella is Now a Musical

A new musical with a soaring score and humorously heartfelt lyrics has arrived in New York City. A Letter to Harvey Milk is a tale of friendship and loss, which explores the grip of the past and the hard-won acceptance set in motion by the most unexpected people.

San Francisco. 1986. When Harry, an amiable but intensely lonely retired kosher butcher and widower, decides on impulse to take a writing class at the local senior center, he finds an unexpected alliance with Barbara, a young lesbian writing teacher.

Harry fulfills a writing assignment to compose a letter to someone from his past who’s dead. He writes not to his late wife Frannie, but to Harvey Milk, the first openly gay political leader in California. Barbara is stunned. Harry’s letter evokes life-changing revelations and helps to forge an unlikely bond, one that neither could have foreseen. This inspiring new musical will remind you to show your Gratitude Now to those around you, before it is too late.

Lyrics by Ellen M. Schwartz
Additional Lyrics by Cheryl Stern
Music by Laura I. Kramer
Book by Ellen M. Schwartz, Cheryl Stern, Laura I. Kramer and Jerry James
Based on the short story “A Letter to Harvey Milk” by Lesléa Newman

Starring Adam Heller,Julia Knitel and Cheryl Stern
with Michael Bartoli,Jeremy Greenbaum, Aury Krebs, CJ Pawlikowski

Musical Direction by Jeffrey Lodin
Directed by Evan Pappas

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