Amos Lassen 

Insane genius Dr. Anton Lupesky has developed a drug that allows users to inhabit corpses and transform into rabid maniacs. Reporter Kim Castle wants to stop the carnage and save our species from annihilation. This is outsider filmmaking is a dream-like wasteland filled with severed heads, evil beasties, and hooded slashers. Filmed in basements and garages, director Pat Bishow’s earnest devotion to storytelling in the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft elevates the film so that it is beyond kitsch. This is the first time the film is available on DVD and Blu ray.

The first 50 minutes may turn a lot of people off, but I was never bored and was laughing out loud more than I wasn’t. The awful acting from obvious friends and family of the director, the terrible editing, the hilariously bad music and the awful sound mixing all point to how not to make a movie, yet this is totally still entertaining

The final 40 minutes are truly amazing and the effects-work is excellent. There is plenty of violence and gore. The filming took place in a Long Island basement that’s crudely decorated like a mad scientist’s lab and as the mad doctor is pretending to look around the laboratory a zombie comes out of a meat locker, dripping goo and dragging fifteen foot long intestines. He attacks the hero, wrapping his intestines around his neck like a lasso chokes him.

Special features include: 

– Transferred from the original 1″ master tapes!

– Unseen 62 minute alternate director’s cut!

– Commentary track with director Pat Bishow!

– Behind the scenes footage!


– Music video for “Wow” by Hypnolovewheel!

– Liner notes by Bleeding Skull’s Zack Carlson!

– Reversible cover art!

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