“The Dry Bones Haggadah” by Yaakov Kirschen— Make the Seder Fun

Kirschen, Yaakov. “The Dry Bones Passover Haggadah”, Maggid, 2018.

Make the Seder Fun

Amos Lassen

 Yaakov Kirschen has published his Dry Bones cartoons in “The Jerusalem Post” for over forty years and he is syndicated in newspapers around the world. Now he takes the wit from his drawings and turns it into a Haggadah that features an engaging, user-friendly layout, contemporary design, and modern English translation.

Kirschen’s wit and artistry are on every page as is his love of Judaism and this is a wonderful way to brighten every Seder. He combines tradition with modernity. All of the original Hebrew text is present

alongside innovative cartoons. We read the Haggadah as a unifying experience and most of us look forward to doing so every year. This Haggadah is, in effect, the graphic history of the Jewish people. The story is presented in a light way but the original intention of reading the exodus is there in full. Because we live in such a diverse world today, we want everyone who comes to the Seder to feel included and that is exactly what this Haggadah does.

Each page contains Dry Bones cartoons, many featuring the beloved character of Uncle Shuldig. Kirschen tells us that the structure here is based on the Talmud with the main text appearing in the middle of the page and surrounded by commentary. However, with this Haggadah we get relevant and contemporary wit there is based on the 3000-year-old story of the Jews leaving Egypt. The layout is clear and easy to follow, even when sitting beside someone with a different Haggadah. The cartoons keep both youngsters kids and adults laughing and engaged throughout the night and we share and enjoy as one group. The size is perfect and it makes a wonderful gift as well.

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