“BRUCE’S DEADLY FINGERS”— “His Whole Body is Lethal”

“Bruce’s Deadly Fingers”

“His Whole Body Is Lethal”

Amos Lassen

Bruce Le was probably one the actual Lee was up against such greats as Lo Lieh, James Nam, Cheung Lik, Chan Wai Man, Kong Do, Chu Chi Ling, Nora Miao and Leung Siu Wa. This amazing cast really helps the film out and the last 20 minutes is just endless action.

The plot is simple. Le plays Bruce Wong who is looking for “The Kung Fu Finger-Book”, which is a book written by Bruce Lee that teaches the finger kung fu style. We get a very slow and short chase scene. This is a really cheesy Bruceploitation movie. The fights are good, the story is awful and the music is good. Lieh Lo wants to get his hands on Bruce Lee’s “Finger Kung Fu Book”. Bruce Le has to prevent that from happening. In the meantime, Bruce rescues his sister from some slavers and enlists the help of some of his Kung Fu kicking friends to take down Lo. Frankly, I would not watch a movie like this if I did not have to review it. I have never liked this genre and so I am already prejudiced. While there are a lot of fight scenes, they have a tendency to get a bit numbing. The hand-to-hand stuff becomes repetitive as the film wears on. However, whenever Bruce encounters some weapons wielding enemies, things perk up a bit. There is a lot of Kung-fu action, and pretty good acting,

 It opens when Lo Lieh fights Michael Chan and Michael flees. Lo wants the kung fu finger book that is associated with Bruce Lee. (Bruce Lee never had a finger style so this is wrong and not even needed. The kung fu book that everyone wants is a standard plot.) He sends men out to get the guys who seem to have it but they fail.

This movie is the first attempt to replace Bruce Lee with Bruce Le. Bruce Le looks nothing like Bruce Lee. When he tries to look like Bruce Lee and when he tries to copy his martial arts he fails. He has minimal martial arts skills. He is short, scrawny and not good-looking. His fighting skills are below those of the stunt men in this movie.

If you are a fan of the master, Bruce Lee, and other “Bruceploitation films,” then this deluxe Blu-ray and DVD combo is a must see. After malicious gangsters capture Bruce Lee’s ex-girlfriend, a young martial artist attempts to rescue her and the late master’s book containing lethal techniques for killing with one’s fingers. There is plenty Kung-fu action and mayhem including a particularly gruesome scene involving the torture of a girl with a deadly snake!

Bonus Materials include:

  • Commentary track by Michael Worth – author, director, actor, and expert on Bruce Lee, and ‘Bruceploitation films’ !
  • Video interviews with some of the players.
  • High-def transfers of several other ‘Bruceploitation films’ Theatrical Trailers
  • Original Theatrical Trailer in HD!
  • Photo and poster gallery of Bruce’s Deadly Fingers, and other ‘Bruceploitation films’.

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