“Candies from Heaven” by Gil Hovav— Stories to Eat By

Hovav, Gil. “Candies from Heaven”, translated by Ira Moskowitz, Toad Publishing, 2017.

Stories to Eat By

Amos Lassen

Gil Hovav is one of Israel’s natural cultural treasures. He is a wonderful storyteller. In “Candies from Heaven” we get a wonderful sampling of stories as well as recipes that help us enjoy the food for thought.

Hovav is not only a masterful storyteller he is a born raconteur. His family is unforgettable— colorful uncles, aunts, and other family members that we meet through the stories that use food as a lemotif. The stories are actually autobiographical accounts of growing up in Jerusalem in the 60s and 70s and they read like short stories in the great tradition of Sholem Aleichem—-they are related with “great wisdom, tenderness, insight, and wit as tart as a bowl of Yemenite pickles.” The recipes include sweet sour chorba tomato soup and his Aunt Levana’s eggplant and feta bourekas. It is great fun to read intimate details about someone else—- it is almost as if we are pulled into the family. We really see the diverse cultural mix that was the foundation of Israel.


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