“The God Game: A Dan Sharp Mystery” by Jeffrey Round— A Political Murder

Round, Jeffrey. “The God Game: A Dan Sharp Mystery”, Dundurn Publishers, 2018.

A Political Murder

Amos Lassen

I am not much of a mystery reader but I must say the prose of Jeffrey Round holds a very special place for me and I truly enjoy his mysteries. “The God Game” is the sixth Dan Sharp mystery in which we meet Dan who is authentic that he struggles with the same issue we do. He has problems dating with his family life and with his own concept of the gay world. He has his flaws and is troubled like all of us sometimes. He was raised by a disapproving father and fears that he is becoming like him. He is angry and sometimes self-destructive and he drinks. Now he finds himself caught up in a political murder.

When the husband of a Queen’s Park aide suddenly runs off to escape his gambling debts, Dan Sharp is hired to find him The city is already slipping with a mayor who uses crack and a very big scandal about to break. Dan soon realizes that he is up against a mysterious figure known for either making or breaking the reputations of upcoming politicians. It took a body to turns up on his doorstep for Dan to see that he is being punished for sticking his nose into politics. It becomes Dan’s job to catch the killer and prove that he, himself, is innocent.

While this is set in Canada, you do not have to know anything about Canadian politics to enjoy the read (but it helps). Murder and mayhem are everywhere in Queen’s Park, a normally quiet part of town. Some of the mayhem is Sharp’s personal property. The characters are very real and because writer Round has such a gift of detail we feel we can actually see them. Now you must remain wide-awake and aware as you read to follow the clues given and these clues take us on a walking tour of Toronto. The only negative thing I can say is that now we have to wait for number 7.

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