“Hollinghurst, Camp and Closet” by Ertin Serkan— Gay Hollinghurst

Ertin, Serkan. “Hollinghurst, Camp and Closet”, Cambridge Scholars, 2018.

Gay Hollinghurst

Amos Lassen

Ertin Serkan analyses the terms “camp” and “the closet” in Alan Hollinghurst’s four novels – “The Swimming-Pool Library” (1988), “The Folding Star” (1993), “The Spell” (1998), and “The Line of Beauty” (2004). These novels investigate the gay male experience throughout the late-twentieth century. We look at Hollinghurst’s work in order to find out whether the author writes from the margin or from the centre to recreate the origin. We see that the author is concerned with gay subjectivities and that Hollinghurst, by camping and closeting the gay male, re-produces homosexuality as a distinct identity with a subculture of its own.

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