“Why Straight Guys Love Their Gay Guys: Reviving the Roots of Male Sexuality” by David Dalton— Out From the Dark

Dalton, David. “Why Straight Guys Love Their Gay Guys: Reviving the Roots of Male Sexuality”, Acorn Abbey, 2017.

Out From the Dark

Amos Lassen

With all of the progress that has been made in the area of LGBT rights, we discover sadly thatstatistics on the well being of gay men are as grim as ever. “Rates of suicide, alcoholism, and drug abuse have not budged. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and poor health are just as widespread. Studies have shown that gay men who live in urban gay communities actually are worse off, not better.”

Gay men appear to have run out of ideas for future progress. Something remains badly wrong and what that is has yet to be diagnosed. We are told here that if we look at the origins of male sexuality and how it was expressed in other cultures, we could make a diagnosis. The forms of male sexuality have been remarkably similar from culture to culture. Looking back at the early Europeans in the last years of Rome and continuing around the globe as Europeans colonized the continents, natural male sexualities have been cruelly repressed and then done away with. This book maintains that We are all Puritans now.

The taboo of male-male sex, which until 2003 was still a crime, still exists. This book shows that the Puritanical repression of the sexualities of all men has come about as a result of an attempt to harness the enormous power of male sexuality for social purposes in the name of moral progress, with promises of greater glories to be found in heaven. (I know this sounds ridiculous). No one paid attention to the damage that Puritanism caused to human beings and to stable social systems and, in fact, the damage and misery were regarded as good and payback to the devil.

We are challenged here challenge is to return to the joy of male-male sex that took similar forms in most of the cultures that we know something about. “In such worlds, it was understood that some men are more masculine than others, that some men are gayer than others, and that heterosexuality and homosexuality are complementary and of equal value. And those old worlds were worlds in which every gay man was able to take for granted what to us today is the impossible dream — sex with a straight best friend.”

Dalton explores the roots of male sexuality and the current status of gay life along with his own predictions and solutions to the seemingly endless miasma of why despite all the recent advances for gender status the rate of disconsolate gay mindsets remains static.

He traces male sexuality to the ancient civilizations where sex and intimate relations between men were acceptable growth periods: gender fluidity perhaps. He sees as opposed to today after centuries of denial and punishment for ‘aberrant behavior’ – ‘This idea of “gay” men having sex with “straight” men is condemned harshly today. Dalton maintains that straight males are our forbidden fruit. They are the source of the masculinity that we gay men desire. The church and its theologies broke the continuity between ourselves and our tribal and pagan ancestors and led to our sexual misery today. Dalton goes on to explore gay anthropology, the problem of identity, the problem of privilege and property, the problem of symmetry, etc. He closes with his prediction “that, generation by generation, the percentage of young men who identify as ‘mostly straight. Eventually the day will come, I believe, when male sexual identities such as gay and straight will no longer seem necessary or useful, as was the case a few generations ago.”

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