“Never a ‘Craft’ Moment: A Memoir cum Abattoir” by Robin Anderson— A Memoir

Anderson, Robin. “Never a ‘Craft’ Moment: A Memoir cum Abattoir”, CreateSpace, 2018.

A Memoir

Amos Lassen

Robin Anderson is the most prolific author I know and his tongue-in-cheek writings have kept me entertained during the 12 years I have been reviewing. Because he is such a versatile writer, it is hard to classify when he writes. It is satirical, erotic, shocking, sometimes blasphemous, adventurous and always funny; Anderson’s sense of humor is constant. I believe that he has as much fun writing them as I do reading his stories. What I really love about Robin Anderson is his the way he builds his characters. Both his plots and his characters border on the near obscene and I mean that positively. It is one think to write erotica in trash English and it is something else completely to write literary smut. Robin Anderson writes literary smut and he can do so because his use of language who is so excellent. I believe the only way to describe what he writes is outrageous.

Now in his memoir, it is difficult to know what is memory and what is imagination. Actually it makes no difference since this is a fun read. I really have no idea how to summarize the plot and even if I tried I would not do it justice. While it is not written in the stream of consciousness, it is written to take you to places you have never been before and probably never even heard of. Robin Anderson himself describes this book as a “sumptuous feast of savoury and unsavoury [the British spelling] delights” and a phrase like that shows why he is a writer and I am not. The characters that you will meet here are unlike any you have ever met and they are part of a read unlike any you have ever read before. Do as I do—float in, turn on and enjoy. More than that you do not need to do but if you feel you do want to delve deeper, that is also a possibility.

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