“SEIJUN SUZUKI: THE EARLY YEARS”, Volume 1— First Time on American Video or DVD

“Seijun Suzuki: The Early Years: Vol. 1”

First Time on American Video or DVD

Amos Lassen

This is a collection of the youth movies of Japanese director and iconoclast Seijun Suzuki. What we really see here is the evolving Suzuki’s style of the B-movie. Suzuki is best known for the cult classics “Tokyo Drifter” (1966) and “Branded to Kill” (1967).

“The Boy Who Came Back” (1958) and we see the first appearances of Nikkatsu Diamond Guys and regular Suzuki collaborators Akira Kobayashi and Jo Shishido. Here, in one of the films Kobayashi is cast as the hot-headed hoodlum fresh out of reform school We also see is a story of a young student who hooks up with a down-at-heels traveling circus troupe. “Teenage Yakuza” (1962) stars Tamio Kawaji as the high-school vigilante protecting his community from the extortions of mobsters from a neighbooring city. “The Incorrigible” (1963) (also known as ”The Bastard”) and “Born Under Crossed Stars” (1965) are both based on Toko Kon’s novels about young love and represent Suzuki s first films set in the 1920s era and later celebrated in his critically-regarded Taisho Trilogy.





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