“Minnesota Boy: A Memoir” by Mark Abramson— Not a Book for Mother

Abramson, Mark. “Minnesota Boy: a Memoir”, CreateSpace, 2017.

Not a Book for Mother

Amos Lassen

When Mark Abramson was going to Europe after high school, his mother told him that he should write a book about it but it took him years to do so and this is that book, although it is not the one that his mother would read. “Minnesota Boy” takes us with Abramson to college and being unlike others and trying to find a way to fit in. He shares his coming-out, his early love story and then leaving Minnesota and moving to San Francisco.

I have been a fan of Mark Abramson’s novels and I have often wondered about the man himself. We have never met but I do feel like I know something about him by just reading his writings. This is, in my opinion, his best book and a very honest look at life in the Midwest in the 1960’s.

Now this is not Abramson’s only memoir. It is a complimentary book to his “Sex, Drugs and Disco” which covers his later years. This is about his early life— his childhood, teenage years in the Heartland, a trip to Europe touring with a youth orchestra, and his college days. We see that Abramson was once a naive and well-bred young man. (He is still well-bread but I do not think that the word naïve describes him anymore. He shares his phone calls with his ailing mother who encouraged and loved him.

Her is the story of a young gay man coming of age in San Francisco in the 1970s and who documented his life and experiences. Abramson went to college in Minneapolis and it was there that he began his coming out.

Abramson cleverly ends his chapters with telephone conversations with his elderly mother and we see the wonderful relationship that they shared.This memoir covers 1970-75, and not only gives us a taste of Minnesota history and also some very personal stories that Abramson has chosen to share.

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