NEW GAY SHORT FILMS…. to watch for

New Gay Short Films

A Few New Ones

Amos Lassen

Here are several new short gay films that you should want to be on the lookout for.


“Alex And The Handyman”
, Dir. Nicholas Colia (USA)

Alex And The Handyman takes a look at pre-adolescent sexuality in a sweet way. The film precocious nine-year-old Alex, who develops an instant crush on much older handyman, Jared. The child wants the moody 20-something man’s attention, but Jared isn’t that interested in humoring the fantasies of a kid. The short starts off as a sweet and sometimes funny look at pre-sexual awakening. However, some will feel it goes too far towards the end in a slightly creepy way.

“Mr. Sugar Daddy”
Dir. Dawid Ullgren (Sweden)

Hans is in his 50s and looking for something new in life. After seeing another middle-aged man with a much younger lover, Hans sees an opportunity for himself when he meets the handsome, young Andrej. But while Hans is smitten with his new potential lover, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell whether Andrej really likes Hans, or just likes the money the older man can spend on him. Mr. Sugar Daddy is more interested in power dynamics and the potential for both sides to play with the others’ emotions, while not knowing quite that’s what they’re doing.

Dir. Brendon McDonall (UK, Australia)

Spoilers is a sweet, quirky, nostalgic and film-literate short; the kind we don’t get enough of in the gay movie world. The film follows Leon, a self-professed ‘short, fat bloke from Derby’, who unexpectedly bumps into the handsome Felix. Leon finds it almost impossible to believe Felix would actually be interested in him, while Felix has his own reservations about whether he can truly love someone. This is essentially a film about the things that will stop us finding happiness, and where we can inadvertently become our own worst enemy. It’s sweet, often smart and rather charming.

“Tellin’ Dad”
Dir. André D Chambers (UK)

After a rather sexy opening of two naked men writhing in bed— Dan and his boyfriend, who’ve been together for over a year. However, Dan is still in the closet, but promises to write a letter to his family, telling them he’s gay. The film then follows the reactions of the different family members, leading up to the person he’s most worried about, his dad. This is a look at working class people and the pressures that come from that, some of which are universal and some of which are specific to that place and culture.

Dir. Eyal Resh (14 mins)

It’s the beginning of summer and adolescents Brian and Jake are having a sleepover. It’s certainly not the first time they’ve shared a room for the night, but on the cusp of adolescent they’re dealing with new and unfamiliar feelings. Seeing how many armpit hairs they’ve grown develops into something potentially more sexual. “Boys” attempts to capture the confusion of burgeoning sexuality – whether gay or straight – with the young men unsure of what they’re doing and what it might mean or how to communicate about it. There’s no resolution but it’s an fun look into a time when many young men have experimented or questioned their sexuality and then been surprised by what has happened.

Dir. Martin Edralin (Canada) 15 mins

The sexuality of disabled people is still one of the more taboo subjects since many do not want to touch it. “Hole” follows Billy, who has cerebral palsy, which limits his mobility and means he needs an assistant for things such as washing. He also yearns for sex and true intimacy, but comes up against a world that only seems to offer him that if they can’t see him. The film is bold with a strong central performance from Ken Harrower as Billy and it shines a light ion some of the issues around disability and sex – from physical accessibility to sex to the faux intimacy of assistant and assistee. The end is challenging and initially seems somewhat extreme, but it’s thematically interesting and probably very close to what some disabled people have had to ask for help with.

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