“Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations” by Matt Bellassai— Awful Moments of Life

Bellassai, Matt. “Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations”, Atria/Keywords, 2017.

Awful Moments of Life

Amos Lassen

“Everything is Awful” is a collection of very funny and anguished essays about awful moments from Matt Bellassai’s life so far, the humiliations of being an adult, and other little indignities.

Matt Bellassai tells us that he became “semi-Internet famous” by getting drunk at work, making him a “professional” alcoholic. He’s been able to understand some things about his life but certainly not everything. This is not a memoir yet but in a few years it night become one but that is doubtful. It is, quite simply, essays about some awful moments in Matt’s life that made him the adult that he is today. There is anguish here.

Matt has had to deal with his past when he was known as the Midwest’s biggest nerd. We read how he came out as gay to his friends and family, how he deals the humiliations of adulthood, “like giving up on love in New York City, living alone with no one to heat his microwave dinners, and combating the inner voice that tells him to say aloud all the things the rest of us are smart enough to keep to ourselves.”

Bellassai has a unique and signature voice and perspective and he is very funny. I caught myself laughing aloud as I read but he is also sincere in what he has to say. He is able to move from the very serious to the silly instantly and he truly lives up to his own mantra that “being a human is hard work, so you may as well make your story funny when you can.”

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