“Out: LGBTQ Poland” by Maciek Nabrdalik— LGBTQ in Contemporary Poland

Nabrdalik, Maciek, “OUT: LGBTQ Poland”, The New Press, 2017.

LGBTQ Life in Contemporary Poland

Amos Lassen

No one in the Polish LGBTQ community could have foreseen how quickly this deeply conservative and Catholic country would change since it joined the European Union. As close back as 2004, gay rights marches were banned in Warsaw and homosexuality was a taboo subject. Since then, as the economy has grown, the LGBTQ community has become more widely accepted.

Award-winning Warsaw-based photographer Maciek Nabrdalik takes us into the Polish community where we explore issues of identity and citizenship. We have dozens of formal color portraits of writers, artists, and everyday people working in a variety of occupations across Poland. Each portrait is accompanied by a short interview and through color shading we see how comfortable that person is with revealing his or her own sexuality publicly.

The book is a look at the advancements that can be made in the struggle for LGBTQ rights in a short space of time and should be an inspiration to other countries where the queer community does not enjoy the same freedoms.