“China in Drag: Travels with a Cross-dresser” by Michael Bristow— A Different Look at Modern China

Bristow, Michael. “China in Drag: Travels with a Cross-dresser”, Sandstone Press, 2017.

A Different Look at Modern China

Amos Lassen

Michael Bristow had been in Beijing for eight years and when he time approached for him to leave, he decided that he wanted to write about the country’s modern history. He asked his language teacher, who was born just two years after the communist party came to power in 1949 to help to do so. It is fascinating that the country has moved from communist poverty to capitalist wealth in just a single generation but the biggest surprise for Bristow was to learn that his teacher was a cross-dresser and he understood that his teacher’s story is the story of modern China.

Michael Bristow is Asia/Pacific editor for the BBC gives us a wonderful story of one man and modern China and a special friendship. We gain insight into the lives of ordinary Chinese people and an exploration of life in another culture including learning about the realities of life under State control.


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