“MAKTUB”— Redeemed Thugs


Redeemed Thugs

Amos Lassen

The word “Maktub” means fate and we see here that fate changes the destiny of two small-time enforcers for a Jerusalem mob protection racket changes when they survive a suicide bombing and wind up fulfilling the wishes of those who leave notes at the Western Wall.

Steve and  Chuma are two rough and tough thugs who collect protection money for Keselsy, a Jerusalem-based crime organization. At the end of their collection round they decide to go to a restaurant. After dinner, when they are both in the men’s room, they hear a deafening blast from within the restaurant. They come back and discover that they are the only survivors of a deadly attack. They flee straight to the Western Wall to pray Hagomel – a Jewish prayer giving thanks to God for saving their lives. Chuma believes that they are the onlysurvivors is a sign from God and that they have to stop doing what they had been doing. From that time forward, they practically live at the wall where they pick and choose the lucky messages whose wishes they will help grant.

As they make other people’s wishes come true, Steve and Chuma find themselves dealing with their own secret wishes too. The notes they choose to deal with (and help realize) are consistent with their own lives and secrets, secrets that threaten to unravel their friendship.

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