“Femme Confidential” by Nairne Holtz— Finding Herself

Holtz, Nairne. “Femme Confidential”, Insomniac Press, 2017.

Finding Herself

Amos Lassen

Many of us have had a hard time after coming out because we do not know how to make contact with others like us even though we have had a taste of sexual freedom. Here we meet a group of girls who face that dilemma. Veronika is both gorgeous and charismatic who is looking for someone as “hot” as she is and thinks that the best way to do so is play the part of the mean girl. We all know someone like that, a person who remains aloof and looks at others from a distance while hoping someone will come over and start a conversation. When she a child, this changes.

Liberty is the daughter of Quakers who are also leftist and remnants from the Hippie movement. She is femme, a lady who discovers that the butch women she meets are not content with those who think of themselves as ladies. Dana is a trans woman who works hard to find herself in the lesbian community where she perceives that the

Masculinity that she eschews is the ay the women she meets and desires want just the opposite. As I am a gay male, all that I know about the lesbian community comes from what I read. Yes, I have been to women’s bars but with other men so my perception is purely visual. Writer Nairne Holtz takes us into the community and guides as through it in a way that is very real and giving a look at the “internal dilemmas of love and friendship in lesbian life.” Written in terrific prose, we see that gay women have to deal with the same issues as gay men or to go a step further, all people. It takes time to learn who we really are and what we really want. The characters are well developed and the dialogue is sharp and I found myself turning pages as quickly as I could and there are not many books that I say this about.

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