“FRENCH KISSES”— Six Short Films



“French Kisses”

Six Short Films

Amos Lassen

It has often been said that no one makes a movie like the French and here you get to see six French short films that exemplify that statement. Unless we have the chance to go to LGBT Film Festivals, we rarely get the chance to see shorts and in many cases these are powerful explorations on how we live.

“Apollo” is about a teenager who is insecure and spends his free time fantasizing about an ever more muscular body and an even bigger penis.

“Herculaneum” is a clever look at three “appointments,” two men and a growling volcano.

“The Body of Angels” introduces us to Remi and Gabriel, two young men looking for and finding love.

In “En Retour” we get a drama about Jean-Marc meets young Simon for dinner followed by extreme drama.

“Ruptures” is the story of Gabriel and Andre, ex-boyfriends who surprisingly meet again for the first time in ten years.

“Juliet Electrique” looks at Thomas and Victor, two 14-year-olds who face their most secret fears and desires on an abandoned bridge.

These short films have been playing at festivals and I always find it interesting that short films can in many cases, do what some longer full-length features try to do but don’t always make it.

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