“ALPHA DELTA ZATAN”— A Supplemental Review

“Alpha Delta Zatan”

A Supplemental Review

Amos Lassen

I do not often review a movie more than once but every once in a while I do so because I want new filmmakers to get a leg up and it is important that we support them. Such is the case with “Alpha Delta Zatan”. From the moment that the film opens in a fraternity house, we know that danger is lurking and that the house is not a safe place to be. When a guy is stalked and then killed, we see that the hunch was correct. Now this fraternity is no ordinary fraternity— it is known for producing leadership so when a new pledge comes aboard, he is proud to do so.

However, something strange is going on and fraternity brothers begin to disappear. One of the pledges begins having strange dreams about someone wearing a harlequin mask.

We eventually see what’s going on and why the killings are taking place, but it takes a while to get there I learned that in order to truly enjoy this film, the viewer must forget about reality. I just wish the horror sequences were more than repetitious and that we knew more about the characters.

Now if you like handsome and well-built young men, this is a movie for you since all of the characters fir that description. There is also a good deal of homoeroticism but there is no sex. I was not expecting any great acting or storyline and that was what I got. I also figured I would not be entertained but I must say that I did enjoy the film on face value. Besides, every once in a while it is just fun to watch a movie as a bit of diversion. What we see on the screen is fun even though there is a lot to be desired about the other aspects of the film. However, what I really see here is some great potential for filmmakers Armand Petri and Art Arutyunyan.


At first I thought I would be seeing a homoerotic film that was filled with camp but it did not take long to realize that this is not camp but rather a serious attempt to make a horror flick with gay sensibilities. There is really no storyline aside from the murdering of fraternity brothers based upon the killer’s secret agenda. Even with that, the film is a step above others of this kind. Now I must say that the gore is real and there is plenty of it. There are also a couple of plot twists to hold our interest while not looking at the actors. I suppose I could classify this as soft-core porn without sex and yes I recommend it just not as a serious film.

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