“An Absent God” by Vincent Wilde— Detective-for-Hire, Cody Harper

Wilde, Vincent. “An Absent God”, Cleis, 2017.

Detective-for-Hire, Cody Harper

Amos Lassen

Some of you detective novel readers met detective-for-hire Cody Harper for the first time in “The Combat Zone”. For those of you who did not, here is another chance to do so. In “An Absent God”, Harper deals with Rodney Jessup, a pious reverend who was also a losing presidential candidate. Even though Jessup was involved with the Combat Zone killer, Cody finds himself unable to refuse the case that entails finding out who been threatening Jessup and his family.

Set in New York City, this is a dangerous case but there is also a touch of romance that comes when Cody meets Tony Vargas, Jessup’s bodyguard, and there is an immediate connection that is not just physical. With the help of Tony and Desdemona, (Cody’s gorgeous cross-dressing persona), Cody plans to close this case quickly and imprison the guilty party. However, a lot goes on before that point and of course to relate that here would ruin the read for many.

You do not have to read “The Combat Zone” to enjoy “An Absent God” since each book stands alone. Do not plan on solving the case yourself because there are many twists and turns and these will have you turning pages as quickly as possible.

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