A Girl Gang

Amos Lassen

“The Violent Years” was originally released in 1954 and is the sordid saga of Paula Parkins (Jean Moorhead), whose parents are too busy to realize that their daughter is the leader of a Gang of Four female delinquents responsible for a series of robberies in town. We see the gang in action as they hold up a gas station, then attack a couple on Lover’s Lane, making the girl strip down to her lingerie, tie her up, then take the young man into the woods and force him to have a gangbang. Paula and her pals fence their ill-gotten goods with Sheila, who hires them to trash their school.

The girls wreck a classroom but the noise has brought the cops and there is a shootout with the police. and Paula kills a cop! They head to Sheila’s place, and when Paula tells her they killed a cop, Sheila threatens to call the police herself. So Paula shoots Sheila.

But the cops are on Paula’s trail, and a chase ensues in which Paula crashes into a plate-glass window, killing her last remaining friend. She is caught and locked in the jail hospital ward. Paula is sentenced to life in prison.

The legendary Ed Wood wrote the screenplay about teenage girls who move from simple armed robbery to unlawful kidnapping and sexual assault. The film just gets wilder and wilder and, in fact, it gets so crazy that it is impossible to review this without giving something away.


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