“The Uruguayan Book of the Dead” by Mario Bellatin— The Mysteries of Resurrection

Bellatin, Mario. “The Uruguayan Book of the Dead”, Phenome Media, 2017.

The Mysteries of Resurrection

Amos Lassen

In “The Uruguayan Book of the Dead”, Mario Bellatin blurs the line between reality and fiction. He writes to a mysterious correspondent he has only met once and in this he looks at mysteries of the resurrection of the flesh. In detail, he writes about the fantastical events that took place during his unusual existence including travels with Sergio Pitol to Cuba, having a massage by a blind masseur in an underground storefront at a Mexico City metro station, and meeting a family of dwarf bullfighters. He uses no timeline preferring to tell his story through real or fictional characters that are fully alive. 

Bellatin diffuses time and space and we find ourselves suddenly becoming the narrator that he created. The constant movement of the book makes us believe every word he writes. He shares his dreams, desires, truths and stories as he captures a life and its plural essence and nonexistence. Eternity is almost a cycle that connects constantly and we live his life with him.

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