“Who Am I If You’re Not You?” by Lynn Thorne– Soul Mates

Thorne, Lynn. “Who Am I If You’re Not You?”, Mascot, 2017.

Soul Mates

Amos Lassen

Marika and Jennifer , a real couple, were two soul mates looking forward to their future together until Marika announced that she was meant to be a man. “Who Am I If You’re Not You?”, a book about love and its capacity.

As her wife transitions, Jennifer goes through her own personal problems to find herself. She works through anorexia, cutting and crippling depression. Jennifer discovers those things that define her life, her love, and her marriage as she fights to save herself.

The book is beautifully written, honest and a pleasure to read. Jennifer and Marika’s lives became complicated and difficult as they struggled to stay together. You can imagine what it was like for Jennifer when Marika opened her heart and her life to her. While this is a topic for mature people. I think that it is fine for all who want to better understand what being transgender is all about. There are many emotions here and they are presented with sensitivity.

I was quickly taken in by the story and I gained a new sense of understanding and compassion for both women. We see Jennifer pain and watch her as she becomes accepting. We are given Jennifer’s poems and through them we get to know her better. Since we all struggle to find out who we are, this book is especially relevant.

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