“THE MORNING AFTER”— Decision Time

“The Morning After”

Decision Time

Amos Lassen

Harry (Joshua Burg) wakes up one morning to find himself in bed with a naked man. He has no memory of how this came to be but he does remembering being very drunk the night before. Thom (Luke Striffler), his bedmate, tells him that in addition to talking about his girlfriend for half the night, he wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man.

Naturally Harry is both confused and worried that they did more than only sleeping and when he lives Thom’s apartment, he goes to see Lucy (Juliet Lundholm,  his ex-girlfriend for  a quickie and to check his heterosexuality but he remains confused when things did not happen the way he hoped. Now Harry has to work out what happens next.

Bruno Collins directed this short film about a guy who has to deal with his repressed homosexuality and to decide whether to stay with the same plan and continue dating Jess (Jane Alice), his girlfriend or find out how to understand his own desires.

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