“Coffee House Chronicles”


Amos Lassen

Not so long ago I had an email from director Stewart Wade telling about the new web series, “Coffee House Chronicles” that he was working on and it is now finished and you can own the entire series on DVD from TLA Releasing.

“Coffee House Chronicles” is an anthology film that looks at different LGBT people who make contact with each other in a variety of ways (the Internet, social media the bar scene (remember it?), and face to face in coffee houses, and we see how their relationships grow and evolve and/or over time. There are ten episodes and each episode is a different story with a diverse set of characters and with a strong emphasis on the social issues that face our community on a daily basis. The episodes are romantic and funny but they also have something to say.

There is a large ensemble cast with some gay movie regulars such as Mark Cirillo (a sweetie), Chris Salvatore, Drew Droege, Amy Hill, Darryl Stephens, Nicholas Downs (another sweetie) and more. Actually they are all sweeties—I just concentrated on two of my personal favorites. There are some serious hotties on display here. Wade kept true to being diverse with a variety of generations and backgrounds.

The first episode, “Secret Asian Man”, is sexy and funny but also explores racism in the LGBT community. It stars Mykee Steen and Cesar Cipriano. Other episodes include:

“The Exception”: Jeff is haunted by his perfect ex. Can his quirky and less-than-perfect BFF, Anthony (Drew Droege), get him to leave behind the idealized past in exchange for a messy, imperfect future together?

“Perfect Present”: A happily married man wants to get his husband the perfect gift for their 25th anniversary. But is one of the world’s sexiest gay porn stars really the best gift to celebrate their love?

“Sunday Secrets”: Two female yoga buddies drag their husbands along for a Sunday brunch. Turns out the men aren’t exactly strangers…

These and the other episodes are good stories, with laughter and real people.

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