“SUMMER OF ’82: WHAT ZAPPA CAME TO SICILY”—Frank Zappa’s 1982 Italian Tour

“Summer of ’82: When Zappa Came to Sicily”

Frank Zappa’s 1982 Italian Tour

Amos Lassen

Salvo Cuccia, one of Zappa’s big fans shares his behind the scene stories of Frank Zappa’s star-crossed concert in Palermo, Sicily that ended in public disturbances and police intervention. Now some thirty years later he has collaborated with Zappa’s family to re-creates the events through a combination of rare concert and backstage footage; photographs; anecdotes from family, band members, and concertgoers; and insights from Zappa biographer and friend Massimo Bassoli to tell his personal story of that summer.

This is a look at the rise and heyday of Frank Zappa’s career as an “innovative composer and libertarian provocateur”. While in Sicily for the concert, Zappa visited Partinico, the birthplace of his father and grandfather and three of Zappa’s children, Dweezil, Moon Diva and his wife Gail, return to meet their relatives there for the first time.

Cuccia idolized Zappa but did not arrive in time to attend that concert, but he has kept and guarded the ticket for all these years. In this documentary, he follows the Zappa trip, the visit to Partinico and the encounter with other relatives giving us a look at Sicily and Palermo as it was back then. We also get an interesting of Frank Zappa, as an individual and an artist.

Zappa’s importance and influence on the world music scene of the 20th century is undeniable, and anyone who has loved him wants to keep the memory alive. That is what Cuccia does here.

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