“Necessary Stories” by Haim Watzman— Twenty-four Stories

Watzman, Haim. “Necessary Stories”, West 26th Street Press, 2017.

Twenty-four Stories

Amos Lassen

“Necessary Stories” is a collection of twenty-four stories of Israeli and Jewish life, selected from the more than one hundred that Haim Watzman has written over the last nine years in his “Necessary Stories” column in the The Jerusalem Report.
The stories are about the lives of ordinary Israelis and current events. Even though these stories are written in English, if you know Hebrew you will notice the way that the English prose is constructed. We have stories about “a conversation in a cemetery with a long-dead Talmudic sage; Felix Mendelssohn’s great aunt scolding the young prodigy; four Jews on a plane discussing the Bible, the Zohar and Wuthering Heights—is a matter of life and death

Watzman excels at writing about the exact point in time that leaves an impression on the future. His stories are immediate, empathetic and attentive to the world. His ability for writing dialogue is amazing and the stories have layers of meaning and are totally diverse.

We see what it is to live in a country that is made up of so many diverse elements and where history, politics, and philosophy come together.

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