“REPATRIATION”— “Exploring the Past and Retracing a Life Left Behind”


“Exploring the Past and Retracing a Life Left Behind”

Amos Lassen

Chad Tyler (Ryan Barton-Grimley) has returned home from the army and is welcomed in his Midwestern hometown by new and old friends alike. He visits his old regular places and tries to get reacquainted as he has a drink at each stop. Chad was once the star of his school’s baseball team and is still loved by many. Before long, he has a bit too much to drink Chad. Cad comes upon Camille (Jes Mercer) a girl who had a crush on Chad years earlier and together they continue to visit the bars, play pinball, bowl but then Camille takes off after hearing some nasty rumors about Chad. We also learn more about Chad and begin to wonder if this is the same guy we met just a little while before. From the time that we meet him at the bus stop, his life seems to be good and everyone is happy to see him but then the story changes its course.

Ryan Barton-Grimely, an actor I had never heard of, suddenly came my way in two different movies in a period of a week. Elsewhere on my site, you will find a review of “Elijah’s Ashes” where he turns in an unforgettable performance as a drunk homophobe. In “Repatriation”, his performance as Chad is nothing short of brilliant. Chad (or I should say Barton-Grimely) pulls us in at the very beginning and we find him charming even after he lets us see who he really is (and I am not going to share what that is). This is the kind of performance that we usually find by chance. A movie like this is the kind of movie all of us should have the chance to see.. Technically this film is almost flawless and everything about it held me captive as I watched. Everything in my life was put on hold until it was over and then for about an hour afterwards.

Director Douglas Muellar has every reason to be proud of his first feature film. Unfortunately for you I can only praise the plot because to tell you about it would ruin a very exciting cinema experience.

PTSD is not a new theme for films but it is explored differently here. This is a film that you do not want to miss so search to see where it is bring shown near you.

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