“PLEASE LIKE ME”— Exploring Sexuality

“Please Like Me”

Exploring Sexuality

Amos Lassen

Josh (Josh Thompson)realizes that he is homosexual after breaking up with his girlfriend. With her support and that of his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh must also help his mother with her battle with depression while at the same time getting his family to accept his new lifestyle.. Things become a bit more b complicated when he explores his sexuality with a young and handsome Geoffrey.

Josh Thomas developed this web-series from his stand-up routine of the same name in 2007 when he was just 20-yeas-old. He is the writer/producer/star of a fictionalized version of himself, who during the very first episode is dumped by his girlfriend, hit on by a hot guy in his office Geoffrey (Wade Briggs) and his newly separated mother Rose (Debra Lawrence) is rushed to hospital after a suicide attempt.

Unfortunately, Thomas’s self-deprecating humor and his whole look at life make him an unlikely leading man but we nevertheless root for him. The scenarios he writes are fresh and very funny.

He is surrounded by a cast of those who are well meaning but fail to do the right thing even though their intentions are good. When his mother is released from hospital, the Doctor tells Josh that he has to move back in with her. His father (David Roberts) is actually keener to move back into the marital home, but there is s problem in his young Thai girlfriend (Renee Lim ). The show was a smash hit in Australia and came the U.S. in 2013 on the short lived Pivot TV channel and now Hulu hopes it will repeat its success.

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