“ALMOST FAMOUS” Contemporary Israeli Youth


Contemporary Israeli Youth

Amos Lassen

Shir’s brother Tomer is a talented musician with a lot of friends, good looks and he has just been accepted to sing on an Israeli reality show thus making him somewhat famous very quicky. Shir has one best friend, excellent grades and becomes very nervous whenever she whenever she sees handsome Omri.   She does not feel that being intelligent would cause a guy to be attracted to her and she really wants to be popular.

Tomer is a mediocre student and se thinks that this proves her point about her own self-confidence.

Shir is sure her life will change when people understand that she is Tomer’s sister and she really wants to move up to be a member of the “cool kids” at her school and find both real friends and first love.

This is a contemporary youth drama that vividly and sensitively shows us what teems think is important when they live in a society where the desire to be ‘famous’ is often stronger than the need to fill that 

Society with what is real. We see what it is to be “blinded by glittering lights and about identity – about what and who we dream of being, and about the courage to choose who we really are.”

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